• name : azrael.
  • age : immortal.
  • species : unknown.
  • religion : ---
  • why this religion : ---
  • moral alignment : chaotic neutral.
  • reason for moral alignment : takes no side, only exists as needed
  • occupation : death.

What you should knowEdit

Azrael is up for speculation. What's known by heaven and hell alike, he was created before them. He was around before God created Gabriel and Michael...before Lucifer. Before there was a plan. Because he's always been around. He is Death. The seperation of body and spirit is his duty. He alone is capable of the act. He is an entity that is needed by both heaven and hell. When the virtues were created, Azrael was asked to appear as patience, seeing as he's quite literally the embodiment. He's waited longer than everyone. And he'll wait even longer.
Azrael consented to take a seat in heaven as an angel, otherwise known as Azazel. He left the angels when Lucifer fell, refusing to be subservient to anyone. He's something of his own breed and the extent of his power is unknown. But beware...nothing good ever comes out of a visit from Azrael. He is usually preceeded by Samiel. If Azrael comes to you with no morning, start counting your time. It's likely you're a dead man.


  • played by : jen.
  • age : twenty-one.
  • gender : female.
  • why do you think this character fits the role :