• name : gabriel.
  • age : immortal.
  • species : angel.
  • religion : ---
  • why this religion : ----
  • moral alignment : lawful good
  • reason for moral alignment : gabriel is very well tied to his morals and does good without abandoning principle.
  • occupation : angel?


  • play-by : colin farrell.
  • height : as a man; 6'3", 191cm.
  • weight : as a man; 187 pounds, 85kg.
  • eye colour : bright blue.
  • hair colour : dark brown.
  • other :


  • likes : spearmint, morals, justice, good hearts, werewolves, not you
  • dislikes : having to watch, hypocrisy, idiots, falling, excuses, people who think they can corrupt him
  • main purpose in life : intervene when there is no other hope, blow the horn of the apocalypse
  • greatest fear : failure of mankind, triumph of hell
  • common knowledge : hard to get a hold of, abrupt, rarely appears to humans, tied to michael, distinct distate for samiel, unfailingly moral and loyal
  • flaws : comes across as rude, stubborn, holds many to what's seen as too high of a standard
  • virtues : moral, fair, constantly in control, objective, without prejudice


gabriel is living justice. he is eternally balanced in that, assigning retribution according to action. he is guided by truth, reason, and fairness; his actions based on unwaivering principles.


he functions without prejudice, setting his own feelings aside and acting despite personal preference in a certain area. unbiased, based on fact.


self-restraint, without over indulgence, and with no natural appetite for ridiculous passion.


very fixed in his ways. when gabriel's mind is made, it's very difficult to change. he typically passes his judgement once and once only.


there are few who have been around as long as michael and gabriel. and gabriel has seen and heard more than his share. he's watched his brothers fall, empires crumble, and good men turn evil. he's a tired, old, wise being with a story to match every situation. he's seen it all.


  • played by : jen.
  • age : twenty-one.
  • gender : female.
  • why do you think this character fits the role :